Friday, May 14, 2010

Gabii at "Archaeological Survey and the City"

The upcoming Laurence seminar organized by Prof. Martin Millett and the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge will feature two talks related to the work of the Gabii Project. The seminar, under the title "Archaeological survey and the city", brings together panels of archaeologists involved in archaeological survey in the ancient Mediterranean. The seminar runs from May 24th through the 27th 2010.

Both of the Gabii related papers will be offered on May 25th.
  • Nicola Terrenato. "Survey and the Orthogonal city. At the intersection of scholarly traditions".
  • Steven Kay (BSR/APSS). "Geophysical survey of the city of Gabii, Italy".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fiat/Chrysler Scholars at Gabii

The Gabii Project is pleased to announce the creation of the "Fiat/Chrysler Scholars" program to support the participation of University of Michigan students in the fieldwork at Gabii. These "Fiat/Chrysler Scholars" will have the opportunity to participate firsthand in the exciting fieldwork at Gabii and take part in cutting-edge archaeological research. We are grateful to the Chrysler Foundation and Fiat SPA, who have each made a gift of $25,000 to The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan. The directors of the Gabii Project have selected the first group of "Fiat/Chrysler Scholars" and we look forward to updating you on their experiences at Gabii in 2010.

The 2010 Fiat/Chrysler Scholars from the University of Michigan are:
  • Lauren Bennett (majoring in Latin)
  • Bailey Benson (majoring in Anthropology and Classical archaeology)
  • Ivan Cangemi (PhD student in Classical art and archaeology)
  • Jason Farr (PhD student in Classical art and archaeology)
  • Cynthia Kazanis (majoring in Anthropology and Classical archaeology)
  • Melissa King (majoring in Communication Studies and History of art)
  • Samantha Lash (majoring in Classical archaeology)
  • Michael Pry (undeclared)
  • Camille Reynolds (majoring in Classical civilization)
  • Jessica Ryan (majoring in Classical archaeology and Classical civilization)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gabii Project in Lazio e Sabina VI (2010)

The Gabii Project's article in Lazio e Sabina VI, edited by G. Ghini, (2010) appeared today from Edizioni Quasar.

N. Terrenato, A. Gallone, J. A. Becker, and S. Kay. 2010. “Urbanistica Ortogonale a Gabii: Risultati delle nuove prospezioni geofisiche e prospettive per il futuro.” In Lazio e Sabina VI: Atti del Convegno. Sesto Incontro di Studi sul Lazio e la Sabina. Roma 4-6 marzo 2009, edited by G. Ghini, 237-48. Rome: Edizioni Quasar.