Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will the real Lapis Gabinus please stand up?

Jason Farr
Jason Farr, assistant trench master with the Gabii Project and Ph.D. candidate in Classical archaeology at the University of Michigan, will present a paper at the upcoming Duke-UNC Graduate Colloquium in Classics taking place April 1-3, 2011. The colloquium, a long-standing graduate forum, centers this year on the theme of "Refuse and Reuse: The Challenges of Repurposing and Re-imagining in the Ancient World" and will feature keynote speaker Eric Varner (Emory). Jason's paper, "Re-Purposing Lapis Gabinus and Re-Imagining Gabii: the Exploitation of a Stone Resource and the Memory of a Latin City" will discuss the Roman quarrying of lapis Gabinus, as well Gabii's role as a symbol in Latin literature. Jason has defended a dissertation proposal at Michigan in fall 2010 entitled "The Quarries of Gabii and Lapis Gabinus" and is in the early stages of his work on the Gabine quarries.