Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Project sails swiftly through the high waters of Week 3

There was a slight change of strategy this week, due to the inclement weather, and the large volume of water falling from the heavens over our site.
Excavation of the beaten earth surfaces in Area D was stopped and some features were covered up, in order to protect the fragile deposits from erosion. Activities, however, were not halted in Area F, where the supervisors could avail of the idle hands from Area D, with impressive results.

Work progressed simultaneously in different sectors of the Area F building, revealing more features of its plan. A team concentrated on excavating the early Imperial levels of the road that delimits the complex on its east side, reaching a preparation surface contemporary with the first phase of the building. Other parts of the back sector of the lower terrace were also cleared from the dumps that obliterated the building in the first century CE. The remains of a stepped access-way from the road and a water drain were exposed in the area behind two large rooms paved with decorated signinum-floors.

Another team continued cleaning the front part of building facing on the ancient Via Praenestina. An intricate sequence of Imperial concrete structures and recycled ashlar elements mask the original aspect of the Republican building here. Sealed under the floors of this late phase are pockets of stratigraphy, which will be the object of investigation next week in order to clarify the dating.

Anna Gallone shows the state plan of the Area F building
Many  visitors and colleagues came to the site this week. A group of architects from the Consulta dei Beni Culturali were hosted by the Project on July 9th. Clementina Panella (University of Rome "La Sapienza"), Daniele Manacorda (University of Rome III), and David S. Potter (University of Michigan) also came to learn about the new discoveries and share their views on the finds.

David Potter and Daniele Manacorda on site

Architects from the Consulta dei Beni Culturali visit Gabii

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